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“I pledge again to you that I will bring sorely needed balance, independence and fiscal responsibility to the Select Board."

Ensuring Housing Options for All Dennis Residents

John is leading the effort to mediate the current debates and gain consensus on the re-zoning of a portion of the industrial zones to ensure it is right for Dennis. John's first priority is that families and lifelong residents of Dennis have access to affordable housing, a workforce to sustain our businesses, and a sense of community and shared responsibility for our town.

Modernizing our Wastewater Infrastructure

John is supportive of the ongoing progress to modernize wastewater infrastructure and mitigate both short- and long-term effects of pollution. John is well-equipped to create and maintain coalitions between the Town, businesses, and neighborhoods necessary to move wastewater management forward to the next phase.

Providing Care for Seniors

John is actively working with the Dennis Center for Active Living (formerly the Dennis Senior Center) to modernize programs to live up to its new name. The vision is that our communities are accessible and seniors can age in comfort alongside their families right here on the Cape.

Supporting a Vibrant Small Business Community

In the wake of the pandemic, and in the interest of businesses large and small, John wants to spearhead legislation in the Town of Dennis to permanently allow for outdoor dining for Dennis restaurants.

Realizing the Potential of the Wixon School

John has deep, longstanding relationships with non-profit leaders through his professional and private life. Through innovative partnerships, these community groups can foster programming options to make the Wixon School the hub of athletic facilities for the Cape.

Maintaining an Independent Finance Committee

John holds firm on his commitment to keep the town Finance Committee independent, as this is the only way to Move Dennis Forward. The Finance Committee has been key to providing voters with necessary information on impactful decisions made at the town level. Politicizing the committee, or electing leaders who take a hostile instead of a collaborative approach to working with the committee, would be a mistake.

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